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Set during the era of German reunification (1989-1990), Goodbye Lenin! follows the story of a young man, Alex Kerner, who must protect his mothers fragile health from the shock that East Goodbye Lenin. We will write a custom essay sample on. This difficulty of coming to terms with a new reality is portrayed in Goodbye Lenin! through the themes of deception and nostalgia. German Essay Writing for Film - Goodbye Lenin. Thursday 19th November 2015, 1pm - 4pm. Manchester Metropolitan University. The event focuses on a popular film studied by A2 students. The workshop will include the following elements structuring an essay, arguing and illustrating a point, focusing on characters,. Set during the era of German reunification (1989-1990), Goodbye Lenin! follows the story of a young man, Alex Kerner, who must protect his mothers fragile health from the shock that East Germany has collapsed.

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