Letter from Santa Claus when u write Santa! See free Santa video.

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Personalized Letter From Santa is Very Easy. And which letter would you like Santa to write?. Help out your parents as often as you can. Canada Post volunteers help Santa answer his mail with the Write to Santa. It can be a fun experience to help your child write the letter and explore what excites. How to Write a Letter from Santa. Children have been writing letters to Santa Claus for more than 150 years. httpwww.smithsonianmag.comist?nextarts-culturebrief-history-sending-letter-santa-180957441 Why not surprise your child by.

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Write a Letter to Santa | The Elf on the Shelf

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You can get your own North Pole Stationery to help send a letter from Santa (see below!). Today I made a Santa Letter Free for you to use! There are 2 letter to Santa templates -one with writing lines and the other that a child can draw.

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