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Oct 20, 2017. What really works for the heart centered Spiritual Entrepreneur is that they work from where they are and create a spiritually conscious business that resonates with their soul. We will create the steps which will build the business model and foundation that best reflects your energy and skills. I recently attended a class called, Creating Your Spiritual Business Plan. If that title doesnt pique my interest, I dont know what would! Miss List Maker here loves a good business plan so I was definitely curious to find out how to go about having a Spiritual Business Plan. Let me tell you this class was awesome and I. Vision, Mission, Accomplishments and Future Plans. I. Executive Summary. In 1998, with support from the John Templeton Foundation, we established the Center for. Spirituality, Theology and Health (hereafter referred to as either the Center or CSTH) within the Center for Aging at Duke University Medical Center. I had two lists of New Years resolutions One was all about spiritual and character growth while the other was all about money and business growth. Which is the real me?

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A Spiritual Business Plan

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A Spiritual Business Plan Consider the following five-step spiritual reorganization plan, which includes prayer, to deal with deception, inefficiency and deadlock

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